1. So, Jackie. It was great talking to you. Thanks a lot for calling.
2. My pleasure. By the way, have you had the chance to go fishing recently?
3. No, I haven’t. I just can’t seem to find the time these days, what with work and the family, y’know. Anyway, Jackie…
4. Oh what a pity! I know how much you love to get out into the countryside to unwind.
5. That’s true. Right Jackie, I really must hang up. I’m late for an appointment.
6. Right. I don’t want to keep you. So, you’ll send me those figures by email Paul, right?
7. Yeah, sure. No problem. And you’ll give me a ring when you know the date of the next meeting?
8. Definitely, Paul. I think it’ll be towards the end of the month.
9. That’s great, Jackie. Have a good weekend.
10. You too Paul. Take care.
11. Cheers then, bye for now.


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