Last summer I went to the beach near my parent’s house. They live on the coast between Valencia and Alicante.
We took some towels, hats, sunglasses, suncream and a beach umbrella. My mum made some sandwiches and we bought water in a supermarket.

We got to the beach late and there were no chairs. We put the umbrella up and sat on towels on the sand. My sister brought a beach ball, a Frisbee
(a plastic disc) and a bucket and spade, so we weren’t bored. We built a fantastic sandcastle. My dad didn’t help. He sat and read his book all day.

Steph, my sister, and I went in the sea and met a French boy who had a big surfboard. We spoke to him in English. He was really nice and he lent us his board to surf for a while. Steph forgot to put suncream on and got a bit sunburned. She swam in the sea for hours.

We got home late. Steph and I slept in the car. There was sand everywhere; in the car, in my ears and my hair. We had a fantastic day. I hope I can go back to the beach this summer.


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