1. Don’t forget to book a hotel and buy the plane tickets.
2. I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I still haven’t packed my suitcase.
3. I always get great deals on hotels because my friend is a travel agent.
4. It is often very expensive to travel during peak season.
We like to stay at bed and breakfasts which are private homes that rent rooms.
5. A connecting flight requires a passenger to change from one plane to another.
6. - Are you here on holiday?
- No, I'm here on business.
7. We want to do some sightseeing while we're in Birmingham. How far is the centre from here?
8. Is the room air-conditioned? Does it have a safe?
9. During the summer months, it’s a good idea to make reservations before you leave.
10. Be careful with the street vendors who try to sell you souvenirs on the street.
They’ll try to rip you off. If you want to tell them to stop bothering you, say "Leave me alone!".


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