1. I think their relationship is getting a lot more serious.
   To become (to change into a state)
2. Her book got a wonderful review on the Internet.
   To receive (to receive something)
3. What time did you get home last night?
   To arrive (to reach a destination)
4. Would you mind getting another couple of beers from the fridge?
    To bring, to fetch (To go and bring or take back)
5. I was driving home when I suddenly got the idea to sell our house and go travelling.
   To experience (of mental or physical states or experiences)
6. Valencia got 2 goals in the second half and beat Madrid 3-1.
   To make, score (achieve a point or goal)
7. He’s got a really bad cold and I don’t think he’ll be at work tomorrow.
   To contract, to come down with (be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness)
8. I eventually got my dad to buy a new computer. He was still using Windows XP for Christ’s sake!
   To induce, stimulate, cause, make someone do (cause to do; cause to act in a certain way)
9. I’ll get you, you bastard! You’ll never work in this city again!
   To pay back (take vengeance on or get even)


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