1. To make an appointment means to organise a meeting with other people.
To have an appointment means you are to participate in a meeting with other people.
First you make an appointment, then you have an appointment.
2. To have an argument with someone means to argue with that person. You can also
say to have a row (with someone). To have a row is an informal British English expression.
“I had a row with my girlfriend and now we’re not speaking to each other.”
3. To make a breakthrough means to make an important discovery.
4. To take care means to be careful. To take care of someone or something means to look after it.
5. To take charge of something is to assume authority over it.
6. To make conversation means to start a conversation with someone with no other aim than to
talk and break the silence. To have a conversation means to converse, or to speak.
7. To make a deal (British English) or do a deal (American English) means to make a contract with someone.
8. To make a decision, or take a decision, is to decide.
9. To do an operation means to operate medically on someone.
10. To take an opportunity is similar to taking advantage of a situation. To make an opportunity means
to arrange things to your advantage. To have an opportunity means to be at the right place at the right time
to do something advantageous. 


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