1. To take action means to act positively and decisively to resolve a problem.
2. To take advantage of something or someone means aprovechar.
3. To make arrangements means to make plans (quedar con gente).
We made arrangements to meet the next day - quedamos en encontrarnos al día siguiente.
4. To make an attempt means to try.
5. To make an application means to apply for something. Usually a job, or a bank account, etc.
6. To make amends means compensar o hacer las paces
7. To have a baby is to give birth – dar luz
8. To make the bed – hacer la cama
9. To make a bid (for something) usually means to make a monetary or economic offer -
tratar de conseguir algo - she made a bid for freedom - luchó por obtener la libertad
10. To do business means - hacer negocios


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