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Dictation transcription:
One day Pepito went to the city centre to buy some new clothes. First he tried on a pair of trousers.
He didn't like the trousers, so he gave them back to the shop assistant. Then he tried on a jacket
which was the same price as the trousers.

Pepito liked the jacket, and he left the shop. Before he got in his car to go home, the shop assistant
and the manager ran out of the shop.

"You didn't pay for the jacket!" said the manager.
"But I gave you the trousers in exchange for the jacket, didn't I?" said Pepito.
"Yes, but you didn't pay for the trousers, either!" said the manager.
"But I didn't buy the trousers," replied Pepito. "I’m not so stupid as to pay for something that I
never bought."


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