1. I went completely berserk when I found out my son had dropped my Ipad off the balcony.
2. We had quite a heated argument at work last Tuesday and Tom hasn’t talked to me since.
3. Please don’t be cross with me. I promise I’ll never do it again.
4. When my dad found out we’d broken the window on purpose, he flew into a rage and wouldn’t let us go out for a month.
5. Simon’s going to blow his top when he finds out he hasn’t got the promotion.
6. The hotel manager was trying to deal with an extremely irate customer when suddenly he hit him in the mouth.
7. When my dad was younger he used to embarrass the whole family with his sudden outbursts of temper.
8. Last time my friends from the UK came to visit us in Spain, the holiday was spoiled by their 7-year-old daughter who was
constantly throwing tantrums about absolutely everything.


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