Dear Santa Claus,
I hope you are well and that your preparations for Christmas this year are coming along nicely.
I'm writing to you because I'm really looking forward to Christmas and I want to tell you about the presents we’d all like to have this year.
I’d really love to get two new cars. I broke my toy Ferrari and the Porsche fell off the table and now it's only got one wheel.
I’d also like a lot of sweets and a big box of chocolates to share with my friends at school. Please don't put the chocolates in my Christmas stocking because the dog will probably eat them like she did last year.
My sister and I would love to have two horses. Dad thinks this is silly because we live in a city and he says there's nowhere to put them and we won't be able to look after them. That's silly because we could easily keep them in the park around the corner and my brother John can feed them. He's nearly thirteen.
By the way, John wants a new bike this year and my sister Sally would like an iPad. Please don't get her the old iPad because she says the camera is rubbish and the new model has a much better screen.
Dad wants some new tools and a big flat-screen TV to watch the football on. I know that Mum thinks a new TV is a big waste of money and that's why I'm asking you.
Mum wants a new dress and some perfume. She needs a new pair of slippers too, but don't worry about those because I think Dad's getting them.
Granny says she wants new legs for Christmas so that she can get up and down the stairs easier, so I'll leave that with you. Oh, and my Granddad wants his luck to change so that he can win money betting on the horses. Can you do that for him? I think he would also like a bottle of brandy, because Dad always shouts at him when he drinks the brandy from the cupboard.
I think that's all for this Christmas. Be careful when you come down the chimney, because we had it blocked up last month and there's a gas fire there now. It might be better if you came through the window. I'll leave one open for you.
Best wishes and a very Merry Christmas to you, your reindeer and all your little helpers in Lapland.
Simon. X


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