1. I always have toast for breakfast
2. I never drink beer.
3. Do you usually go to work by bus?
4. She doesn’t often go to bed late.
5. I rarely listen to music.
6. She hardly ever watches TV.
7. How often do you go out for dinner?
8. I rarely go shopping for clothes.
9. We sometimes go to expensive restaurants.
10. They’re sometimes late.
11. He is never happy.
12. I’m always late for work.
13. I never have breakfast in bed.
14. I almost always use public transport.
15. Unfortunately, we hardly ever meet anymore.
16. What time do you usually finish work?
17. I’m never hungry in the morning.
18. I don’t often read the newspaper.
19. The food at this restaurant is usually very good.
20. I sometimes take sugar in my coffee.


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