1. Damn! I forgot to buy milk and bread this morning. Can we make a stop at the supermarket on the way home?
It'll only take a minute.
2. Bart did really well in his end of year exams. I think we should buy him that new iPod he's been asking for.
3. Alonso took the lead half way through the race and won the Grand Prix in record time.
4. Five tourists were taken hostage by terrorists in Cairo this morning as they left their hotel. As yet, there has been
no ransom demands made by the terrorists.
5. When I graduate from medical school, I would like to do research into trying to find a cure for cancer.
6. Some clever app developers are making a fortune developing successful applications for mobile phones.
7. The judge said that Mr. Samuels was a drug addict who had intended to do harm to himself.
8. The fact that he sent his children to private school makes a mockery of his socialist principles.


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