1. I saw Sofia last week. She broke her arm while she was skiing.
2. I bought a beer and walked over to the table to join in the conversation. They were talking about football when I sat down.
3. It’s difficult to believe that his time last week we were walking along 5th Avenue in New York eating a hot dog.
4. It was a beautiful day yesterday. When I left home the sun was shining and the birds were singing. It felt good to be alive.
5. Suddenly, I looked out of the car window and I saw that we were driving past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
6. When I saw Sandra in the pub last night she was drinking Guinness!
7. I met my girlfriend while I was travelling around Australia.
8. Yesterday, I came home to find that my 14-year-old son was drinking my best single malt whisky.
9. Simon told me that his wife was having an affair with her Karate instructor. I advised him to do nothing.
10. While I was waiting for the train, someone put their hand in my pocket and stole my iPod.


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