1. To make or commit an error is to make a mistake
2. To take a photo = hacer una foto
3. To make progress is to advance
4. To have a rest = hacer un descanso
5. To make sense = tener sentido (to make sense of something = to understand it)
6. To do the shopping = hacer la compra/las compras
7. to have a talk with someone means to speak with them seriously.
8. To do the washing-up means to wash the dirty plates, dishes, cutlery, and so on after a meal.
(fregar/lavar los platos)
9. To have words with someone is to tell them off or to argue with them. (reprender)
10. To do homework/housework (work usually collocates with ‘do’, so you do homework (deberes)
and you do housework (trabajo doméstico). Most things in the house you do (do the washing, do
the washing-up, do the cleaning, do the ironing, do the shopping etc. The bed is an exception.
You make the bed!)


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