1. I never have tea for breakfast, I always have coffee.
2. I sometimes read in bed when there is nothing on TV.
3. I rarely use public transport because I drive to work every day.
4. I don't normally have paella on Sundays. I like paella, but I don't eat it often.
5. I don't work on Sundays so I never get up before 8 o'clock. I hate getting up early!
6. Do I go to the cinema on Fridays? Well, I do sometimes. I only go when the film is good. It's expensive to go to the cinema these days.
7. I never leave home before 9 on Monday mornings because I work at home in the morning and I teach in the afternoon on Monday.
8. I usually celebrate my birthday with my family, but this year I'm celebrating it with my family and my friends. I'm having a party!

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