1. Can you shed any light on the reason why sales have dropped by 35% since the beginning of the year?
I have no explanation for it.
2. Listen to the neighbours arguing. I always thought that Sue was loud, but she's finally met her match.
Dave's screaming at her!
3. Let's cast our minds back to before the iPhone was released in 2007.
4. When Aunt Dalia died, her husband didn't even shed a tear. I'm sure he didn't love her.
5. We can't carry on filming because the sun's too low. It's casting a shadow on your face and it looks terrible.
6. I'm sorry, I can't go out tonight. I have to meet a deadline on the report I'm writing. My boss wants it
finished by Tuesday.
7. I really want this relationship to work Jamie and I'm prepared to work at it, but you have to compromise and
meet me halfway
8. Frank was driving home from the pub when he met with disaster. He hit and killed a young girl on a scooter.
She was only 18.

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