I'd been to Spain on the odd family trip in my teens, and Italy with the school when I was 17, but I was
20 years old when I travelled across Europe with my good friend Innes. We used to work together in an
insurance company and we hatched the plan in the pub after work one Friday night.

"Do you remember what we decided last night?" I asked him on the phone the next day, my head banging
with a horrendous hangover.
"Of course", he said. We're saving up money over the next few months, handing in our notice together and
hitching around Europe for a while.

The next three months flew by, as Innes and I saved up and planned our trip. The hardest part was staying
out of the pub and putting our beer money in the bank. We bought a tent, sleeping bags, a guide book for
Europe and a gas camping stove. By the beginning of the summer we were all set and very excited!

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