1. She tried to get back to sleep by listening to a Mansion Ingles podcast..
2. I remember taking soft drugs like marijuana when I was at university, but I haven't had any since.
3. Don't forget to stop at the chemist on your way home.
4. We regret to inform you that the cost of your holiday has increased by 185 euros.
5. Of course, your new responsibilities will mean working on Saturday mornings and occasionally staying later in the afternoons.
6. I dread to think what his wife's going to say when she finds out. They've only been married 6 months.
7. Please stop talking to me while the football's on. Can't you see I'm trying to watch the game?
8. Remember to give your mum a ring tomorrow and ask her how she got on at the hospital.
9. He came flying round the corner on his bike at full speed and nearly knocked me over.

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