Camping in the South of France was everything we had hoped it would be; sunny, cheap and full of girls.
After the tent was up Innes and I had our first argument. I wanted to save money and eat the disgusting
packet food that we'd brought with us from the UK. After all, we had a camping gas stove and a saucepan,
so why not save money? Innes, on the other hand, wanted a hamburger in the campsite bar. We agreed to
eat separately and meet in the bar for a few beers later on.
The campsite was having a disco and some teenagers had come from the nearby village of Carre le Rouet.
We were thrilled to discover that we could order litre-sized glasses of beer called formidables and after two
or three of those we were dancing like John Travolta on acid and practicing our awful classroom French on
the local girls.

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