1. Have you ever stopped to think how lucky we are to have clean running water and electricity. We shouldn't
take these things for granted you know.
2. I used to dread giving presentations in front of an audience, but now I quite enjoy it.
3. Try turning the computer off and then on again if the screen's frozen. Sometimes that works.
4. I meant to send you a copy of the contract by email, but it totally slipped my mind.
5. I've never regretted not going to university. I learned so much about life, and about people, just travelling
around the world.
6. If you go on behaving like that towards your workmates, you won't have any friends left in the office.
7. Forget brushing your hair! We're in a hurry!
8. Though Pepito didn't like his new boss at first, after a while he came to think of her as a friend.
9. Despite being at the company for less than a year, she went on to run the research and development

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