Bars in Spain have a very special, unique character. I'm talking about those typical tapas bars, Spanish-type
cafés with paper napkins on the floor and food in a display cabinet on the bar.
I have mixed feelings about Spanish bars. Sometimes I really like them, and sometimes I can't stand them.
I think a lot depends on the service I get and of course on the food and the way the coffee is served.
There are some waiters and waitresses, and I'm sure you've met them, who don't give a monkeys, quite frankly,
about the customer. They throw a cup of disgustingly weak coffee at you with half of it in the saucer and not
even a smile. Why should care if the sugar packet gets wet. They're salary will be the same at the end of the
month anyway.
But occasionally, here in Valencia, I get service with a smile and a wonderful cup of coffee. Fresh bread, a
well-made omelette or a tasty tapa. Last week I had breakfast in a lovely little place oozing with Spanish
character and the smell of freshly-ground coffee. Juice made with the finest Valencian oranges, toast with
virgin olive oil from Andalucía and a short Spanish coffee which was strong enough to wake the dead. All served
with a happy smile and a lot of care and attention. I thoroughly enjoyed it and, of course, gave a tip. If only
there were more of these bars around. I'd be happy to give a tip every time.

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