1. To set up a business or an office is to open or start it.
2. The total number of people who work for a company is its workforce.
3. If something is diverse it has variety. This word is similar in Spanish.
4. If your clothes are smart, you look good and you are probably fashionable and chic.
5. To speak frankly is to be honest and direct.
6. The boardroom is the place where the directors of a company hold meetings.
7. Dining is eating dinner usually in a formal way.
8. To vary means to change or be a little different. The Spanish word for this is similar.
9. Thereby is a formal adverb, and in Spanish it means por eso/ello, de ese modo or por esa razón
10.The phrasal verb to take place means to happen or occur (ocurrir)
11.If something is fast-paced it goes or moves very quickly.

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