1. I know we've agreed the terms and conditions on the phone, but I really need something in
black and white so that I can talk to the board of directors. Can you send me a confirmation
email of everything we talked about?
2. Although I live near the beach, I only ever go swimming once in a blue moon. I hate the
sand and I'm sure the water's polluted.
3. My mate John's just bought a gorgeous new Android phone and I'm green with envy.
4. My parents were both white-collar workers. My dad was a bank manager and my mum was
the personal secretary to the managing director of an insurance company.
5. The day I graduated from university was a red-letter day for me. I'll never forget it. It
marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of a successful career.
6. I didn't want to get my brother into trouble so I told a white lie to my parents.

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