Is the TV dying?
Speak to an under 25-year-old these days and it's unlikely you'll find them turning to the TV for
their entertainment, unless, of course, it happens to be hooked up to an Xbox or a Play Station.
It seems to me that the majority of young people get their entertainment from the Internet;
whether that's online gaming, streaming films and TV series or surfing YouTube. So what will
happen to the TV when these youngsters grow into middle age?
As long as I can remember, the TV has always been an integral part of the living room. Morning
cartoons for young kids, evening entertainment after dinner and weekend sport events were the
norm. Now, however, it seems the TV is being pushed into the background, only to emerge for
live events such as the Olympics, the Oscars and the World cup. Even these are available on the
Internet as pay-per-view.
Even advertisers are turning to the Net. Targeted Google and Facebook ads are often a lot more
effective than the 'blanket advertising' that the TV provides.
Are you bothered? Personally, I couldn't care less. Despite being brought up with the TV from a
very young age, I won't miss it at all. I've wasted far too much time watching rubbish over the
years to ever mourn its passing.

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