What is Christmas?
For many people, Christmas is the time of year to think about buying presents, spending
time with the family and possibly eating and drinking too much!
Of course, you’re a religious person, you’ll be celebrating the birth of Christ and going to
. Many of us, however, are happy to have a few days off work and, for the lucky ones,
an end-of-year Christmas bonus.
But what does the festive season mean for you? For me it’s a time to look back at the year
gone by and to think about how I’ve spent it. Have I achieved all the things I wanted to
back in January? Am I happy and satisfied with the way the year has gone and what goals,
both personal and professional, will I be setting for myself for the coming year?
So, for me, it’s a time of reflection, a time to re-charge my batteries and look ahead with
and expectancy. Above all Christmas is a time to give thanks to whatever God
you may have. I’m not a religious person, but I am thankful for family, for friends and for life.

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