My friends and I used to travel quite a long way at weekends to go to a disco or even just a pub. We'd
take turns driving. the driver, of course, couldn't drink alcohol and had to make do with Cokes or soft
drinks all night. Drugs were never part of our weekend entertainment, but beer and girls definitely were.
99 times out of a hundred I would go out with my mates, get drunk and come home again. But
occasionally, very occasionally, I would meet someone.
On one special night I met Emma. I was attracted to her immediately, and I spent ages watching her
from across the dance floor. When the slow dances started to play I plucked up the courage to ask her
to dance. I was clumsy and nervous, she was quiet and shy. We held each other and moved around in
circles in time with the music. We hardly spoke.
I bought her a drink and we talked for a while. She gave me her phone number and I promised to phone
her the following week. I was ecstatic. Happiness doesn't begin to describe the feeling I had travelling
home in the car with my mates. I was falling for a girl I hardly knew and it felt wonderful! I didn't know
it at the time, but we were to go out together for two years and have some wonderful times together.

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