Have you got Green fingers?
If you are good with flowers and plants, and you have a natural talent for turning seeds into a
colourful vibrant garden, then you can be said to have green fingers. I definitely do not.
It's not that I don't like flowers and plants. Many times, while walking in the countryside, strolling
around town or visiting other people's gardens, I stop to admire a tree or leaves blowing in the
wind. As the saying goes, we should all stop from time to time to smell the roses.
I just don't have the patience for looking after plants. It's the constant watering and care that puts
me off. There just doesn't seem to be a large enough return on investment for my time, and that
might sound strange coming from someone who used to be a farmer.
I grew tomatoes, corn, melons, grapes, peppers and even cotton. But that was a job and, although
I did enjoy doing it most of the time, I still resented the long hours that I needed to work in order
to plant, water and harvest the crop. I'm not a naturalist. I'm a city boy who's happy to appreciate
pretty palm trees blowing in the wind but usually from the comfort and convenience of his flat's balcony.

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