The Changing Face of Photography
Photography has changed a lot over the last few years. I can remember growing up with film
cameras. I used to buy rolls of film which had 24 or 36 exposures on them. That means you
really had to think before taking a photo. Every snap cost you money.
These days, digital cameras save still and moving images on memory cards or on the device's
internal hard drive. This means you can take as many shots as you want at no additional cost.
Another thing that has changed over time is the way we share our photos. I still have, in my
cupboard somewhere, albums full of family photos and holiday snaps, and hundreds more in
shoeboxes. 20 years ago we had to physically show photos to people or send them in an envelope
by snail mail. These days however, we can put them up on the Internet for anyone to access. And
because of smart phones we can share our favourite moments with friends and family on the other
side of the world with just a click or two.

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