1. Tortoises, turtles and snails have shells for protection against predators.
2. When the joey is born it crawls from inside the mother to the pouch, a fold of skin
with a single opening that covers the nipples to protect the joey as it continues to develop.
3. Octopuses, squid and cuttlefish have tentacles. The octopus has eight.
4. Tusks are elongated, continuously growing front teeth, usually but not always in pairs,
that protrude well beyond the mouth of certain mammal species like elephants.
5. The skin of most types of fish is covered by scales.
6. The beak, is used by birds for eating, grooming, manipulating objects, killing prey,
fighting, probing for food, courtship and feeding young.
7. Cats, lions, mice, foxes and many other mammals and primates (except humans) have
whiskers at the side of their mouths for tactile sensation.
8. Horses, sheep, goats, deer and cattle all have hooves at the end of their feet. They grow
continuously and are worn down when the animal walks or runs.

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