What's so special about New York?
Have you ever been to New York? I've been lucky enough to visit New York twice, and I also
worked there for six months as a waiter in a café when I was in my twenties. I love New York.
It has a special atmosphere, a sort of energy and intensity that I've never seen in any other
The first time you visit you'll see familiar places and things that have appeared on the TV and
in American films. Apart from the famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire
State building, Brooklyn Bridge etc, there are iconic familiarities like the yellow taxis, street
signs like 5th Avenue, Broadway and Times Square and of course hot dog stands.
But for me, the most interesting thing is the mixture of cultures. Walk around Manhattan for a
while and you'll see Italians, Chinese, Latin Americans, Irish, Koreans; just about every
nationality and religion imaginable. I love it!

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