Where are your manners?
Maybe it’s the full moon that’s driving everybody insane, but I definitely noticed more
crazy people than normal on the streets of Valencia yesterday evening.
Not only were the drivers more reckless and careless than usual, but even pedestrians
were pushing and shoving and closing doors in people’s faces.
I could understand it if Valencia had the sort of population density and crowds that
London, New York and Paris have, but Valencia is considerably smaller, and I personally
think there should be a lot more consideration and kindness on the streets.
Pushchairs and shopping trolleys bashed into ankles and elbows landed sharply in the
ribs in the fight for the late bus home. Is it too much to ask of a youngster that he offer
his seat to a lady? Shouldn’t we be helping elderly people with their heavy shopping?
Call me old-fashioned, but I think our society needs to get back to basics as far as
manners are concerned.

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