A: I 'm going to the city centre this afternoon. Shall I go to the supermarket on my way back?
B: Yes please, we need bread, milk, more coffee and some biscuits.
A: OK. I 'll get all that. Shall I get some fresh fish for lunch?
B: Yes, good idea!
A: According to the app on my mobile the weather is going to be / will be excellent this weekend.

Sunny and warm.
B: That’s good, because some friends are coming to visit with their two kids and we 're going to
have (or we are having) a picnic on the beach.
A: I went to see the new Will Smith film last night at the cinema.
It’s really good.
B: Oh good. I 'm seeing / going to see it on Friday with a girl from work.
A: I'm sure you 'll love it.

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