Gramática: some and any

Craig brought Reza some salt from Chile (positive sentence)
He didn’t bring him anything from Argentina (negative sentence)
Have you got any souvenirs from Laos? (question)
Can I have some food? (Use ‘some’ for requests)
Reza would like some fish
Would you like something to eat? (a more closed, specific offer)
Would you like anything to eat? (an open offer)
Craig likes some classical music (not all classical music)
Craig likes any jazz music (all jazz music)
Pick any card
Craig likes anything with chocolate
He likes some fruit desserts


Nice to meet you – Pleased to meet you
What are you doing? = Watcha doin’?
“Whatcha!” (In London)
“‘Boutcha!” (in Belfast)

Phrasal verb: get (a)round

Craig really gets around – he goes to many places
Craig’s mum finds it hard to get around these days (moverse, desplazarse)
It has got around that the French president is said to be having an affair.
At Christmas dinner, families get around the table.
There’s no getting around the fact. = you can’t avoid it.
Sportsmen and women try to get around the rules.
I’ll get that parcel round to you = to deliver
Reza never gets around to decorating his flat.

Vocabulary Corner: money

ganar = to earn/to win
win a competition, win a game, win at the casino, win the lottery
earn a salary, earn respect, earn money
borrow (from) = tener prestado / lend (to) = prestar
A bank lends money to you. You borrow money from the bank.
a loan = un prestamo
Good luck getting a bank loan in Spain these days!
pay for – I’ll pay for the drinks – It’s my treat (te invito)
It’s on me
I’ll get it
It’s my shout (British colloquial English)
It’s my round

Reza’s Top Tip: Presentations

Have good notes
Check your English (spelling and grammar) on slides and visuals
Practise in front of the mirror
Speak to a family member, pet dog or cat
Check body language as you present
practice, practice, practice!
Use (small) note cards, but don’t read a full text.
Make eye contact
Smile a lot!

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