Why do people go camping?
There are obvious reasons why people go camping, and I can think of two off the top
of my head.
Firstly, to save money, and that’s exactly why I used to sleep in a tent many years ago.
Not only do you save money on the price of a hotel room, but food is bound to be cheaper
if you cook it yourself.
Secondly, camping can be an excellent way of exploring nature and visiting off the beaten
track areas where there simply is no other accommodation available.
However, I’ve never really understood why anyone would do it for pleasure. I mean, if you
had enough money for a comfortable, dry hotel room, a lovely soft bed, hot water and a
clean toilet and shower only a few feet away, why would you suffer the inconveniences of
a campsite if you didn’t have to?
My girlfriend doesn’t agree with me, she loves camping. Although, thankfully, we’re a bit too
old now to crawl into a tent, so we’ve given ours away. Perhaps, if you have children, the
adventure angle might be an excuse to keep doing it. But as far as I’m concerned, my
camping days are over.

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