I’ve got builder’s block. "What’s builder’s block?" I hear you ask. Well, builder’s block is like writer’s
block but it’s when you can’t write because there are builders working in the flat next door.
Technically, it’s the flat above, but it seems that they are working right next to me and it’s really
difficult to concentrate.
They started about a week ago and it looks like a pretty big job, so I don’t expect them to be going
anywhere for at least another four weeks.
They seem nice enough. I went up to speak to them a few days ago because I had some recording
to do and they offered to take an early lunch, or a late one, so that I could record my interview. And
I can’t complain because, well, we had our flat done up about 10 years ago. We all have to go through
it, don’t we?
Nevertheless, is a pain when you work at home and your work requires you to concentrate. The
banging and scraping and drilling never seems to stop, and I find myself looking for excuses to get out
of the flat. Do we need more milk? Perhaps I’ll wash the car today. I even spent an extra half an hour
at the gym to avoid the noise. Things must be serious!

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