What do you want to hear?

Sometimes it’s easy. I simply sit down in front of my computer and write a short text
about things I see and hear around me in my everyday life. As a British ex-pat in Spain,
there are often obvious differences and comparisons between life here and in the UK.
However, during moments of desperation and after looking a long time at a blank screen,
I occasionally think back to past experiences and distant memories for inspiration and
But today I thought I’d ask you, the listener, the student, the audience, the reader, what
you want me to talk about.
After all, if you can’t connect to the topic, isn’t it more difficult to engage and learn? If
you’re not interested in what I’m saying, won’t it be harder for you to advance and improve
your English?
So, I’m asking you to send an email, or a voice message if you want to practice your
speaking, and let us know what you would like us to speak and write about in future
newsletters (cuadernos mensuales).
Send your emails and ideas to mansionteachers@yahoo.es or, to send a voice message, go
to www.inglespodcast.com and click the orange button on the homepage.
And thank you for your ideas and your time.

*Si te ha resultado difícil el ejercicio o
quieres practicar más dispones de más
Ejercicios de Listening de nivel Intermedio.

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