The Central Market, Valencia

The last time I bought food in Valencia’s central market it cost me an arm and a leg. But was
it worth it? Absolutely!
You can’t beat the quality. Supermarket food seems totally tasteless to me these days. When
was the last time you ate a tomato from a supermarket that actually tasted like a tomato? And
the same can be said for meat, fruit, vegetables, fish and even eggs.
I have my ‘go to’ vendors for most kinds of food. My favourite place is the cold cuts and cheese
stand. There I can buy the best Spanish ham, spicy chorizo sausage and a wonderful selection
of goat, sheep and cow cheese from a variety of Spanish regions.
Shopping at the central market is a treat for the senses; the noise, the colours, the smells, the
hustle and bustle of the crowd and the interaction with the vendors all add up to the wonderful
shopping experience. I’d say that is worth paying a little extra for that, wouldn’t you?

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