1. While Santa was climbing down the chimney, we were watching TV.
2. Santa has been delivering presents for over 100 years and there's no
sign of him retiring yet.
3. Pepito's son loves opening his presents on Christmas morning.
4. Santa's little helpers really enjoy the work they do. They've been helping
Santa for many years.
5. Rudolf and the other reindeers were late for work Christmas Eve. By the
time they had got to Santa's grotto, he had already left!
6. Every year I wait for Santa to get to my house. I turn off all the lights,
very quiet and look out the window for hours. Santa always seems to
arrive when I'm sleeping.
7. By this time tomorrow all the boys and girls will have recieved their presents.
8. Dad usually works every day before Christmas, but this year he's taking
the whole week off to be with us.

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