Religion is a touchy subject, and at no time during the year does it seem to be more
in the public eye than at Christmas. Do you believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah? If
so, how do you feel about the commercialisation of Christmas?
I’m often told by fellow teachers not to discuss religion with my students in class. “It’s
too controversial”, they say. “Never speak about sex, religion or politics.” I don’t agree.
I encourage my class to speak about anything and everything. After all, shouldn’t we be
sharing our opinions and beliefs and not hiding them?
Perhaps the problem is not that we speak about religion, but that we don’t listen to, and
respect the opinions of, others. It’s not easy to listen, I mean really listen, especially to
a point of view you don’t accept. I try to respect all points of view, even if I don’t agree
with them.
As far as religion’s concerned, I often feel that there really isn’t much to discuss. Either
you believe, or you don’t belive. It’s that simple.
I can tell you, and show you, that if you have two apples and you take one away, you’re
left with one apple. But I can’t show you that there is an Allah, a Vishnu, a Jesus looking
over us and protecting us. How can you debate that?
Belief is strong, and we should respect it. Next time I speak to a 6-year-old who believes
in Santa Claus I’ll respect his/her belief. Who am I to say otherwise?

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