I’m a Lover Not a Fighter!
I’ve never been good at fighting. Karate was a big part of my life when I was a teenager, but my
friends were always better than me, and I never won any competitions or received any trophies.
Besides, recreational combat sports are different than real fights. There’s a referee there to make
sure your opponant sticks to the rules and plenty of your mates to jump in and help if things get
out of hand.
Real fights always scare me. Not that I’ve seen, or been involved in many, but the times I have
come into contact with uncontrolled violence have definitely left a deep and negative impression.
At school I fought a two or three times, and always lost. The fights often degenerated into more
of a rugby tangle or wrestling match than a full contact sport. I tended to hang on to my opponent
for dear life, frightened of what he might do if I were to let go.
What were the most fights I had with the same person? Three, with one of my best friends, Roger.
We fought a lot after heavy drinking sessions and Roger always won.
Once, while on holiday with my parents, my dad got into an argument with a man over a parking
. When the man pushed my dad I saw red and a fight ensued between the stranger and I in
the middle of the road. I think it ended in a draw, but I remember being very scared.
I saw a few fights at football matches and when I was up close and in the middle I was terrified.
Luckily, I never experienced knives, chains or other weapons although I knew they were around.
What made me think of this? Well, in the gym this morning my attention was drawn to a heavy
punching bag which was hanging up in the corner. I went over and hit it hard for five minutes.
It felt good. Although the thing about punching bags is they don’t hit back!

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