1. Pepito might have told me. – Pepito should have told me.
  I’m not sure whether Pepito told me. - Pepito may have told me.
2. You must be joking. – You can’t be serious.
  You have to tell a joke. – You’ve got to tell a joke.
3. We might as well go to bed soon. – We’ve got nothing better to do
so let’s go to bed soon
  We might well go to bed soon. – We’ll probably go to bed soon.
4. You probably won’t take too long. – It shouldn’t take you too long.
  You shouldn’t take too long. – I advise you not to take too long.
5. It wasn’t a good idea to tell her. – I didn’t have to tell her.
  I shouldn’t have told her. – It wasn’t necessary to tell her.

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