Chess – The game of Kings

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world, although strangely, no one
is exacly sure where it originates from.
Initially regarded as the ‘Royal Game’, because it was played by the upper clases, chess
is now enjoyed worldwide by every class and economic background.
It is believed that chess originated in India, a by-product of the Indian game Chaturanga.
Others say it comes from Persia. Whatever its origins, most agree that chess is designed to
simulate war. The King is the commander-in-chief and under his command are horses,
warriors, castles and footsoldiers.
The stongest of all pieces is the Queen which can move any number of spaces in any direction.
Many changes to the rules of the game have happened over the years, but the rules were
standardized in the 1850’s. A group of European chess enthusiasts organized a chess club in
London and formed the official rules of the game.
These days, chess is supervised by F.I.D.E (the Fédération Internationale des Echecs) which
was founded in 1924. It looks like chess is here to stay, perhaps even longer than the
popularity of Kings and Queens!

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