Gramática: Gerunds and infinitives

“It started to rain” and “it started raining” are both correct.
Reza stopped smoking years ago. (he stopped the activity of smoking)
Reza was walking down the road when he stopped to pick up a coin (una moneda). (He stopped doing one thing – walking down the road – to do another thing – pick up a coin)
Reza and Craig stopped podcasting to have a cup of tea.

MAKE (obligar/forzer) – to make someone do something
My teacher made me do my homework again.
Reza made me sing the Mickey Mouse song.
LET (dejar/dar permiso) – Craig lets Reza say many silly things in the podcast.
ALLOW – Allow me to ask a question.
PERMIT – Craig permits Reza to say silly things.
LOVE – “Craig loves/likes to drink coffee” or “Craig loves/likes drinking coffee.”
FORGET – I forgot to close the door. (think about something BEFORE it happens)
I forgot giving John the money. (I have no memory of something that ALREADY happpened.
REMEMBER – I remember turning off the gas.
Reza remembers growing up in Belfast. (PAST)
Remember to phone me tomorrow. (FUTURE)
Remember to buy milk on your way home from work.

Vocabulary Corner: films / movies

film (UK)
movie (US) – motion picture
dubbed – doblado
subtitled – subtiulado
review (crítica) – a film review, a book review, a review of a play etc. / critic (the person who writes the review)
screenplay / script (guión) Script is a more general word, screenplay is for films,
‘teleplay’ is a script for television.

Pronunciación: /dj/

June. July, January, jazz, jolly good!

Phrasal verb: To take off

Take your books off the table (literal – to remove)
What time did your plane take off? (idiomatic – despegar)
Some comics are good at taking off politicians (impersonar, hacer el ridiculo)
Reza has taken off his trousers! (quitar la ropa)
Our podcast has really taken off. (Idiomatic) – Nuestro podcast ha tenido mucho éxito.
A business can also “take off”

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