The Best Toast in the World

I’ve never liked swimming very much. Even when I was advised to take it up by my doctor
a few years ago because of a bad back, I went under protest. I gave it up a while ago,
incidentally, much prefering the familiar dry ground of the gym.
But there’s one fond memory I have from my childhood, and that’s a combination of
swimming and toast. Let me explain.
I was a very bad swimmer as a kid, partly due to the fact that my eyesight was terrible,
and without my glasses I couldn’t see a hand in front of my face, let alone the swimming
instructor or my classmates.
I was so bad, in fact, that my dad started to take me swimming on Sunday mornings for
extra practice. My parents even went so far as to pay for extra group lessons for a while,
without success.
But the wonderfully sweet memory I have of the local swimming pool is the restaurant
upstairs and overlooking the pool which served the best toast I have ever tasted. What
is it about food that makes it taste so good after an hour and half splashing around in
the swimming pool?
I remember the butter melting into the thick slices (I always had two) and dribbling down
my chin as I gazed out of the huge canteen windows at the activity in the pool below.
Maybe it was the fact that the swimming ordeal was behind me for another week, but it
felt like I was in toast heaven.

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