1. I take after my dad in many ways.
2. I think you should take it back to the shop and ask for a refund.
3. They are taking up my new trousers and the sleeves of the jacket.
Don't worry, it'll be ready in time for the wedding.
4. I think you’ve offended them. You should have taken off your shoes
before you went inside the house.
5. Would you mind taking care of the baby while I go to the shops for
half an hour?
6. I didn’t take to sushi either the first time I tasted it.
7. If you have a family emergency, you are allowed to take off three
days from work.
8. It was a good idea of yours to take up tennis. It looks like you've lost
a lot of weight.
9. The company aren’t taking on any more staff for the moment.
10. My boss is hiring someone to take over from our computer technician.

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