Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen!
Have you ever been to Copenhagen? If you have, you’ll know why I’ve chosen to write about it.
But if you’ve never visited this city, let me ask you to name 5 facts about it.
Most of you know, I’m sure, that is the capital of Denmark. But what else do you know about
this 1000-year-old city?
Do you know, for example, that it is one of the major financial centres of Northern Europe, and
was rated third richest city in the world in terms of gross earnings in 2012? In 2009 it was in
first place!
The Stroget offers the longest car-free shopping zone in Scandinavia. In the 1960s, Copenhagen
leaders created this mile-long pedestrian area for shops, dining and street entertainment. The
design of the Stroget was soon adopted by other world cities.
Copenhagen attracts politicians and town planners from all over the world to study its bicycle
traffic, district heating system or its waste management. In various respects Copenhagen is a
role model for many of the world’s big cities when it comes to sustainable town development.
It has been called the first carbon neutral capital in the world.
With nearly 100,000 students studying at its universities and institutions and with tourist
attractions such as the Little Mermaid Statue, Tivoli Gardens and impressive Royal palaces, it’s
no wonder Copenhagen is becoming a ‘must see’ destination for foreign tourists.

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