1. GO ON
If I can’t do something, I go on trying until I succeed.
After winning Wimbledon, Rafa Nadal went on to win the Grand Slam
When I was very young, I remember playing football with my friends in
the street outside my house.
Before leaving the office, I have to remember to back up the hard drive.
Before leaving the office, I mustn’t forget to phone my wife.
That’s it! I’ve decided to stop working on Saturdays!
On his way home, he stopped to get some beers and a bottle of whisky.
Having a job means that we can afford to have a holiday abroad.
I have always meant to take up golf, but I’ve never had the time.
5. TRY
To save energy, we should try not to use the air conditioner so much in
the summer.
To get rid of spyware and mailware on your computer, try wiping the hard
drive and re-installing the operating system.
I have always regretted not having kids.
Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that you have not been chosen as
McDonald’s employee of the month. Better luck next time!

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