1. Pepito’s getting married next month and all his mates are going out
on a stag night the Saturday before the wedding.
2. The radio station sent me to interview five honest politicians. It was
a wild-goose chase. I couldn’t even find one!
3. I’m sorry if my voice sounds a bit a strange. I’ve got a frog in my
4. I’ll lend you my hard copy of ‘Phrasal Verbs for Idiots’, but I’ve used it
a lot and it’s a bit dog-eared.
5. Years ago, students used to learn English parrot-fashion, which means
they keep repeating everything the teacher says.
6. When driving, you must stop when you see a pedestrian on a zebra
7. The shiny bits of glass in the middle of the road that reflect your car
headlights when you’re driving at night are called cat’s eyes.
8. Pepito likes drinking beer and whisky every day, but he doesn’t like to be
as an alcoholic.

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