1. Pepito has changed companies so many times in the last 2 years that I’m
beginning to think he can’t hold down a job.
2. I think you should come clean and be honest with me about what happened
with you and that boy in Ibiza.
3. You’ve got to decide between living with your girlfriend and doing your own
laundry and cooking yourselves, or living at home with your mother and I. You
can’t have it both ways.
4. The police stopped me and I got a fine the other day for jumping the lights
in the city centre. There was no one on the zebra crossing, so I just kept going.
5. Pepito said he’s going to get married in April, but don’t hold your breath. He’s
been engaged so many times before.
6. I’m sorry, I can’t pay you the 2,500 euros a month that you’re asking for, but I
do respect the qualifications and experience you have. Why don’t we meet halfway
and agree on 2000 euros per month?

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