Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon was a lonely boy. While most of his classmates would be playing football,
talking to girls or fighting, he’d be in the corner reading a book or writing stories for the
school magazine.
He was only 12, but already it was obvious he didn’t fit in with the ‘normal’ boys of his age.
He was also quite fat, which didn’t help his popularity among his peers. But Michael didn’t
mind. He had his books, his imagination and, most of all, his dreams and ambitions. He
wanted to be an actor.
He could also sing very well, and for this reason he was cast in the role of Fagin the school
play Oliver Twist, which was to be put on at the end of the academic year. What a performance!
Michael stole the show, and his charismatic interpretation together with his strong voice and
commanding stage presence earned him the respect of everyone at the school, including the
parents of most of the pupils, who were also in the audience.
Who would have thought that the shy, quiet boy sitting on his own with a book during breaktime
could transform into the star of the show. Suddenly Michael was popular and everyone wanted
to know and speak to him. Ironically, no one was particulary interested in the other boys who had
been playing football and fighting all year.

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