Are you Blabbing yet?

Last month we spoke about a new audio service called Clammr. This month there’s another
platform hitting the news called Blab.
I don’t usually try new things until they become mainstream and popular. I’ve never tried
Periscope nor Meercat. But I came across Blab by accident, tried it and now I’m addicted.
So what is Blab? Blab is like a cross between Google Hangouts and webinar software. It’s a
free and easy way to connect with people using video, audio and chat.
Up to four people can be in a video chat room at the same time. Unlike Google Hangouts,
the screen doesn’t change when you speak. It shows everyone who is in the room and you
can enter the room by clicking on a square (but only if there is a space available). Other
people attending the Blab can write comments and questions in the chat sidebar on the right
hand side.
It’s very easy to join a blab, all you need is your Twitter name and password and you’re in.
You can join trough the Blab website at or through the Blab IOPS app that you
download from Apple’s app store.
We’re using Blab to help you improve your English. Go to our Facebook page, or
follow us on Twitter , to find out when the next Blab will be. Why not join us next time and
practice your speaking? It’s a lot of fun.

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